Are you changing or controlling?

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Are you changing or controlling?

Have you noticed, when there is a prolonged amount of time during the middle of a change journey – those long moments where the outcome seems too far away, or reactions to change are preventing results – leaders often tend to resort to responding with control measures?
Whether this is personal control (leadership style) or organisational (external factors, people, stakeholders, systems), this protracted moment is often where the change journey will derail.

Control almost always has a positive intent, though in times of change, control can be surprisingly counter-intuitive.

Experiencing change can be exciting. Many senior leaders enjoy embarking on a new initiative. The freshness of new ideas that carry hope and progress, which causes a positive upswing.

Entering into the gap between the beginning and the outcome is when change traditionally gets hard.

How a person reacts in that space, through change, is the single most important part of the change process.

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