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Sexism or Empowerment?

POTENTIAL CONTROVERSY: I am female (that’s not the controversial part) and I get that women over the years have not been treated equally, and continue to work to get recognised in top jobs, pay and other areas in society and at home.

The Dilemma: I am increasingly invited to women only events – business for women, you know the type. My inner conflict comes up every time as I genuinely love the intent, however it smacks of exclusion and sexism in itself.

I love events like Business Chicks where the target audience is women AND men are absolutely invited and encouraged. That’s just a business target. My problem is whereby events and organisers exclude, separate and segregate. Is this hypocritical of them if they want to empower women?

It also really frustrates me when men’s group (albeit there are far fewer theses days as I’m sure they’d get boo’ed) don’t allow women. It too is sexist. I want to mix with talent, personality, skills, passion and the essence of WHO someone is, not their gender.

So my issue is, when I am invited to events that allow my gender, I want to share, love and get involved, but not at the expense of my morals in equality (where in this case, men are expressly not invited).

Would love your (kind and respectful) thoughts on this matter…

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5 behaviours to re-align balance

Signs our lives are out of balance are all around us.

Signs may include feeling negative emotions or thoughts about ourselves, or that we are smiling and laughing less. It is natural to tip the balance though we need to be consciously aware that it’s happening. When we’re not aware, that’s when the stress and unhappiness comes to play…

  1. Find gratefulness for one thing that you have right now
  2. Breathe slowly and deeply
  3. Be kind and gentle to yourself
  4. Bring awareness to your thoughts – think well about YOU
  5. Get out into nature and move purposefully.

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This is a question that many people aren’t able to answer.

If they do they repeat the roles they play in their life, rather than who they are without the roles of ‘dad’, ‘mum’, ‘co-worker’, ‘team member’ and so on.

What would you say about yourself and who you are? Are you kind, thoughtful, driven? You’re more than you! You are you, and so much more.

We are often rocked in life, because we are not certain about who we are beyond our roles. We don’t understand the foundational identity of who we are, and therefore cannot come back to those roots when we are faced with adversity.

Think about your identity. Imagine yourself being described as a person. What would that sound like, look like even?

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