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Counter-Intuitive Change

When there is a prolonged amount of time during the middle of a change journey -those long moments where the outcome seems too far away, or reactions to change are preventing results – leaders often tend to resort to responding with control measures.

Whether this is personal control (leadership style) or organisational (external factors, people, stakeholders, systems), this protracted moment is often where the change journey will derail.

Control almost always has a positive intent, though in times of change… control can be surprisingly counter-intuitive.

Think about what drives control. 

Or even how it feels.

What it means.

Imagine being controlling or controlled (that may not be too hard!)

Control points are important to risk. Boundaries are important too. However when senior people in organisations impact opportunity, creativity and momentum because they are acting through fear or any driver that is self-serving (business drivers, KPI’s, financial return, personal status, wanting to be good) then there is a significant flow on effect.

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