Managers: don’t fake it, be genuine or you’re letting down the side

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Managers: don’t fake it, be genuine or you’re letting down the side

Published in The Australian:

Everyone has had a conversation at work with a manager who undoubtedly is being fake; perhaps they are faking a skill set, an emotion or agreement.

Most can identify when the manager is being disingenuous, though what the organisation may not be so aware of is that this faking practice is consuming the workforce’s valuable energy. Allowing disingenuous managers is costing organisations money.

While this isn’t supposed to be an article about the bottom line, in reality it is. The real bottom line is that time wasted in being inauthentic ultimately will lose opportunities, fragment relationships, reduce effort and prevent results.

Reports repeatedly show Australians are spending more time at work. The pressure for management to perform and get results is intense, often adopting a philosophy of doing more with less. Yet this hidden issue of disingenuous managers is absorbing productive energy at an alarming rate, energy that could be used more productively, in a way that feels good.

What causes anyone to be disingenuous?

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