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Suzanne Waldron M.A, ICF PCC, MANLP, FAIM.

Suzanne works with senior leadership teams across Australia, focusing on building dynamic and cohesive peer groups & teams. Many influential, high potential teams excel in understanding their strategy, have a well-defined tactical roadmap, yet operate within fractured relationships. This crucial missing element means working relationships are not optimised, missing many opportunities for co-creation, innovation and positive collaboration that drives business outcomes and influence of the wider organisation.

Suzanne has spent 20 years as a senior leader, human change facilitator, conference speaker and advisor, across a diverse client base. She has a vast understanding for the humanistic business world she works within.


A Flourishing Mind, Suzanne’s first published book, explores her personal story of adversity as a foster child & homeless teenager. Her second book (due in 2018), Say What You Mean, is a guide to better working relationship in senior leadership teams through the art of straight talk.

Suzanne’s research through her own Master’s Degree in Coaching, enabled her to find a model of excellence that shows how leaders can significantly lead beyond themselves, and uncovers key psychological determinates that increases self-awareness.

Suzanne writes frequently for The Australian, West Australian and other key media outlets on leadership change and the art of explicit leadership (the new EQ).


R U OK? is an organisation that Suzanne devotes her time to. She is an ambassador and Chair for the working group in WA. She spreads the messages of meaningful conversations at work and life, to save a life.

As the co-founder/director of Stories Out Loud, a short online documentary series, Suzanne and the team tell eight stories per year about people who move their ideas into action. A public sharing of who we need to be to take our ideas and make them happen. This subject was the very topic of her research dissertation and a dream project come to life.

Qualifications include:

  • Masters Degree in Applied Coaching (Behavioural Change)
  • Internationally Accredited ICF Coach
  • Internationally Accredited Master NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Certified Supervisor Coaching and NLP
  • Extensive facilitation/speaking training for large audience management and adult based learning.

Key Achievements

  • Ambassador for R U OK ?
  • Chair for R U OK? Working Group WA
  • Director & Co-Founder of Stories Out Loud
  • Nominated for Western Australian of the Year 2016
  • Nominated for 40 under 40 in 2016 & 2017

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