A Flourishing Mind


To flourish or not to flourish? That is the question. Are you flourishing enough to know that when your time on earth is finished it has all been worthwhile? Reading 'A Flourishing Mind' is freeing, as it leaves no place to hide. You cannot read this book and not face your own innermost feelings. Maximising your existence will seem incredibly appealing by the time you've finished reading. You will find yourself in this book, you will recognise the everyday human struggle. It will bring you through the darkest moments of the author's story of foster care, teenage homelessness and all the consequences of these experiences, into undeniable possibilities that promise to propel and uplift you.
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  1. Crystal

    When someone gets to a stage in their life where they can bare their soul to the world, you know they have really gone within themselves and healed all the wounds of the past. Suzanne’s journey definitely resonates with many of us and her story is written in such a way that when you reach the end of the book, you no longer feel sorry for what she has been through but rather empowered in knowing that you really can change your destiny and live a full and enriching life. Thank you Suzanne for your strength and courage in putting pen to paper and allowing us to walk in your shoes from a past which had darkness to a future which is bright and flourishing.

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