The Gritty Gaps Of Change: How To Navigate Human Resistance

Change is inevitable we all know that. So why do people in organisations have such a hard time with it?   The human process of change can be a tricky one, mostly because there are emotions involved (there I said it, emotions).

  • From the time we are born to now, our current age, we are collecting beliefs and creating meaning, then storing them deeply below our conscious awareness. This means we have inherent opinions and preferred ways of doing things at work and in life (motivation).
  • When a change is thrust upon us, we need to access the sometimes ‘gritty gaps’ of change, which is uncertain, uncomfortable or fraught with possible doom (could be true?). This keynote explores the art of airing sceptical thoughts and feelings with others (scepticism is basically validating thought or seeking evidence, not such a dirty word). Assessing the emotion of the people involved in the change (whether we like or not they feel something). How to do an ecology check to see where in lies the fears, beliefs and uncertainty of the upcoming change of the people you lead.
  • This keynote tends to induce a kind of reality check for the people listening, and gives permission to think and talk about what they really need to do and ask in order to get alignment with their people – not just the bog standard change process tick and flick, the real human element that gets in-between the structured change processes and deals with the reality of internal resistance. If you’re willing to go there, the rewards produce faster, more effective and bouncy people on your side creating waves of change (with the odd person still perhaps not convinced…)

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(This keynote is best scheduled at the beginning of the day, not only because Suzanne is funny and has high energy – a great way to start any day – because it provokes critical thinking and a sense of open reality that supports deeper learning and consideration from the next talks and activities).

People who get the most out of this keynote are: senior leaders embarking on major change, human resources and OD gurus, technical change and project managers

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