The Impact Of Genuine: How To Be A Leader Without Masks

It’s important to note straight away that some masks are important. We do need social filters to ensure that we don’t tell someone what we really think in a way that instigates a career-limiting move! Though most of the masks leaders tend to wear are ones that could use an overhaul and quite frankly could get rid of.

Imposter syndrome and awkwardly trying to fit in the workplace, or operating from over inflated egos to struggling to feel a sense of confidence, can be contributing factors to masks. There could be lack of self-awareness, not knowing own standards, and being unclear about work or life direction and purpose. All of which contributes to growing mistrust, micro/macro management and poor culture. This very cleverly designed keynote starts quite personally with the story of why disingenuous happens.

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Suzanne reveals a brief history of teenage homelessness and the kindness of a stranger who altered her life path.  In the practical elements of the keynote, Suzanne unpacks some very funny and learnable lessons about what genuine really means and how she got into a fair amount of trouble being disingenuous with a former team member. Suzanne will further explore reasons that genuine leadership is SO much quicker and easier than being the ‘fake it ‘til you make’ it style.

If you want your leaders to experience a thought provoking talk that increases their genuine leadership style this is the flagship keynote that will appeal to them, to be who they are.

(This keynote is best scheduled as the first talk of the day. Suzanne is very highly energetic and provides a feeling in the room of permission to interact. Because this keynote is deep it sets the tone for the audience to be who they are and gives permission to open up for the rest of the day). 

People who get the most out of this keynote are: just about everyone! to be more specific think anyone who influences, interacts, negotiates and leads…

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