Levelling Up: How To Create Significance And Lead With Impact

As careers grow and develop, senior leaders take on broader visions that often include obtaining responsibility for multiple divisions across the globe. Most leaders at this level have been through all the psychometric tools possible and settled into their leadership style.

At this stage they require a new and focussed personal insight that sustains their additional responsibility and effectiveness when their career levels up. These leaders often naturally move to a lead beyond self approach to leadership, recognising the societal impact of their work and search for a way to increase their own personal insight in order to reach further and meaningfully and impact their people, the community in a way that requires depth and significance.

Uncovering an unusual view on this style of leadership in action, Suzanne spent one year deep in research resulting in a model of excellence, which promotes how to move from intention to action and within that, become a leader worth following in a significant way. Suzanne interviewed poignant givers and change makers in our society. In this keynote she reveals the 3 major aspects of the model to anyone who is interested in leading beyond themselves and with significance.

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This unique piece of research reveals a deep level of leadership that enables significant change. The keynote/masterclass is for leaders who know that their own sense of self carries the weight and influences massive change.

It explores:
* Self-efficacy
* Societal Concern
* Leading Change
* Pro-Social Leadership

(This keynote is suited for both a keynote and master class. It is suggested that the master class follow the keynote in order.)

People who get the most out of this keynote are: Global thinkers, leaders, executives and CEO’s with significant and widespread responsibility, worldwide change makers.

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