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There is an underlying theme that my one to one clients engage me for. Transition. Underneath that theme is another. Self-belief.

Which also connects to confidence, clarity, and happiness. Really there is quite a bit under change and transition. Suzanne has been working with individuals in all aspects of transitional coaching for years, equating to hundreds of hours.

As the common saying goes, you can’t read the label on the bottle from the inside. Coaching provides an opportunity for reflection and exploration without judgement. Input from another source that can provide unbiased support for your inner changes.

Whether transitioning for career, promotion, relationships, new thinking strategies, improved self and work performance, better leadership, they all contain a level of attention in self-awareness and conscious personal growth.

You are the driver of your life and work. Build you and you will drive the desire to results!

Coaching Definition

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) definition is:

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching is rapidly developing as a widely recognised form of personal or professional support. Its intention is to enable clarity and forward thinking.

Suzanne specialises in coaching mixed with other techniques such as neuro-linguistics, clean language, creative coaching and many other ways that support clearing old un-resourceful behavioural patterns, thinking or stories that no longer serve your purpose. (Check Suzanne’s credentials)

Check your coachability. Are you…

  • looking to improve yourself to gain traction?
  • thinking about the future and your place in it?
  • wanting to understand the unconscious blocks you may be facing?
  • searching for clarity to move forward?
  • ready to let go of anything that could be holding you back?
  • ready for introspection and the work it requires to shift?

If you answer yes to the majority of these questions, you are prime for coaching and will likely achieve great changes for yourself.

Suzanne unique advantage:

  • Suzanne holds a masters degree in coaching, and is a coach supervisor
  • She generally only needs 3-6 sessions to support deep level change or shifts in her clients. Many other coaches or therapists may ask for 6 or 12 months This just doesn’t happen in Suzanne’s case. Her technique in searching for un-resourceful thinking patterns and getting to the core of the issue is remarkable.

How do I begin?

There are several different coaching packages available and you can request a free 20 minute conversation with suzanne directly should you want to work on transforming yourself this year.

Suzanne provides both face-to-face (Perth, Western Australia) and international support programs (skype). She currently works globally and has clients around the world.

Talk to Suzanne about how to
engage with her on this topic.

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