High Impact Speaking Coaching

Suzanne is a highly experienced speaker and facilitator. She has been fortunate to train with some of the best presenters in the world.

Working with Suzanne directly you will learn:

  • Carefully constructed content
  • Pure focus on audience engagement and learning
  • Stage management and well placed positioning
  • Purposeful movement
  • Clear voice with variety and projection
  • Ability to engage the audience and work with their energy
  • Subtle techniques that encourage learning and aha moments
  • Techniques to encourage participation
  • Ability to respond to comments and questions with authenticity
  • Openness and personal authenticity
  • Engaging humour where appropriate
  • No fear, just a pure desire to help the people you are speaking to.

Suzanne provides a personalised service to those wanting to intensely focus on their own skills and add these abilities to their toolkit. Whether it’s on stage speaking or facilitating small groups, Suzanne can support your growth.

These sessions are highly practical, with a hands on approach designed to make you and your presentation shine and create the changes you know it can (if delivered well and confidently). Suzanne tends only to work one on one rather than public groups, as her intent and focus on the one person is dramatically effective and transformative.

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