Private Coaching

Private Coaching is for those who want to work on a more private, personal aspect of their life.

Whether it is for improving relationships, career advancement, career change, personal growth or something else. Perhaps it’s time to spend some time on you, working on you and becoming the you that is ready to be unleashed! Committing to this private program will enable you to…

  • Speak openly and candidly about your inner thoughts and feelings
  • Uncover what is happening for you in your circumstances and see or feel from a different perspective
  • Spend time to work towards your goals or aspirations in a supportive environment with clear direction
  • Heal hurts of the past and gain momentum working with new generative thoughts free from negativity
  • Increase confidence and self esteem
  • Learn more about yourself and your capacity, capability and worth

What does coaching with Suzanne do?

  • Removes blocks and barriers from minds
  • Provides a space which promotes clarity
  • Tools that generate momentum
  • Mindful techniques that support successful thinking
  • An unbiased support system
  • Strengthening of beliefs that support and cause purposeful action
  • Enable leaders to lead authentically – walk their talk
  • Supports strategic people to turn ideas into reality
  • Support leaders to utilise their biggest assest, their people
  • Finds patterns in negative thinking
  • Uncover how to think in a delineated approach
  • See problems and barriers from different perspectives
  • Enable big thinkers to create unity in community
  • Support individuals and teams with big hairy aspiring goals (bhags)
  • Confidence to bring more of you into the world

Your coaching program includes

A 90 minute discovery session that will allow you and your coach to customise the program to your goals or needs specifically. A varied approach to each individual using techniques such as goal focused coaching, creative coaching, profiling tools and neuro-linguistic tools.

Multiple one-on-one, 60 minute sessions with your coach face to face. You can choose the frequency in which you see your coach. Action steps are provided including productive activities outside of the session to ensure the change you require occurs outside of the sessions too.

Honour, respect, no judgement and 100% commitment from your coach.
The purpose of your time with your coach is to support you into generating momentum. You may wish to steadily make a change, or completely transform something (even yourself) in your life that is no longer working for you.

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