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  • Investing in Suzanne's 'peership program' was a turning point in the development of the Executive Team at Brightwater. The difference with working with Suzanne is that programs are individually designed for your team and are completely flexible. This is no “off the shelf “ product.  The outcomes we achieved together included a more robust and honest way of working, reduced barriers to communication and more agile and clear decision making. The team has rapidly moved into a more highly functioning space.
    Jennifer Lawrence
    CEO, Brightwater Group
  • Storytelling is a great facilitation skill, it engages, demonstrates and reinforces messages. Suzanne has a unique talent for story-telling as a facilitator. Unique in that Suzanne can bring out the story telling in others, encouraging sharing. So not only are you engaged as a participant, you are actively building your self-knowledge and self-belief. What stories do you have to tell?
    Peter Ormond
    Manager Customer Strategy & Planning, Landgate
  • Suzanne is exceptional in what she does. I have used Suzanne as a personal coach and she has helped me enormously. Suzanne has also coached some of our people and I have no hesitation in recommending her.
    John Poulsen
    Managing Director & Board Member: Squire Patton Boggs
  • 'I asked Suzanne to facilitate some meetings for a group of senior leaders who were all coming together to form a new partnership. The group had representatives from 8 different organisations, with 8 different agendas. Suzanne did a great job of facilitating these discussions through the storming/norming/forming stage, and always maintained a strong focus on the outcomes and objectives, while also ensuring that a level of positive energy and collaboration was achieved. Suzanne has strong active listening and questioning skills, as well as an effectively disarming manner!'
    Craig Spencer
    Head of Community Bankwest
  • 'Suzanne delivered to a broad spectrum of IT people ranging from technical, service management and project management roles, of all ages and careers levels. Many of our sessions focus on pure IT and service management and this was clearly a departure from that, as its focus was human behavioural change. Suzanne drew out the connections for the audience painting a picture of how important understanding the human elements are within the corporate world. There were plenty of questions and the audience was clearly motivated and engaged, a testament to her ability to adapt to an environment and audience and weave her messages into themes pertinent to her audience. Suzanne has an easy going, amusing and conversational style that captured the audience perfectly. She was able to provoke thoughts and ideas, inspire questions and create a session which was interactive and fun.
    Michelle Major-Goldsmith
    Manager Service Management Capability - Kinetic IT
  • 'Suzanne is quite simply a life changing coach. She has an innate ability to peel away the layers and get to the real root of the problem. The changes she helped me achieve have been lasting and transformational. Old baggage that has stuck around for years just seemed to lose its hold over me, leaving me with a new found confidence to leave it in the past where it belongs. Suzannes patience and kind-hearted nature coupled with her tenacity and knowledge of the human psyche makes her an outstanding coach and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.'
    Frances Blackie
    Director FWRD
  • "What an incredibly amazing experience to witness Suzanne’s recent keynote speech, 2016 BOMA Hawaii Leadership Symposium, “The Impact of Genuine”. An engaging interactive experience and reminded us to be genuine and true to ourselves. She had my team, during and after her session, buzzing with renewed excitement. Suzanne is an inspiring person in every way and I look forward to reading her book; “A Flourishing Mind”. ~ from my Hawaii team at Shidler. Thank You!!!!"  
    Steven Sullivan
    Vice President Operations at Shidler Pacific Advisors, LLC
  • 'Suzanne is a consummate professional in everything that she does. Her generosity of spirit and genuine willingness to assist and support development of talent is rarely found. Despite the tyranny of distance she is a go to for me. As a speaker at our National Conference in 2015, attendees rated Suzanne at 4.9 /5.0 - energy, humour, passion, creativity and professionalism all in one package.'  
    Fiona Keogh
    CEO ~ Auscontact
  • 'Suzanne provided me with fresh encouragement, guidance and warmly welcomed critique on the intricate detail of my keynote. We thoroughly deliberated my content and script, all the way through to reviewing my intended delivery and stage presence. All of this via the simplicity of a series of video calls. The new pair of eyes; free-flowing reassurances and the biggest bag full of subtle tips and suggestions from Suzanne not only provided me with a renewed perspective and personal belief, but also a great turning point in my speaking career. But it doesn't stop here. Suzanne also travelled to LA with me, personally introduced me to the stage and sat in the front row of my keynote.'  
    Peter Merrett
    Head of Customer Experience - Property and Asset Management – JLL Australia
  • 'Suzanne recently presented at our Continuing Professional Development seminar. Her presentation style was very engaging, full of energy and entertaining. She held the attention of 50 lawyers on a Friday afternoon, which is not easy to do. It was clear she knew her topic extremely well and was very passionate about it. It was a pleasure to be a participant in her session.'  
    Victoria Brasted
    Director ~ Leaker Partners Pty Ltd.
  • “I recently had the honour of meeting Suzanne at the Perth Global Women’s Summit and was instantly taken with her bright and sunny outlook on life. Little did I know, the depth of knowledge this dynamo held until she kindly offered a few tips on how to make my presentations even better! One 45 minute Skype session with her and I was armed with some of the most powerful tools and tips I have ever known. I highly recommend Suzanne as a powerful, professional and genuine people person.”
    Cultural Facilitator
  • “I had the pleasure of having Suzanne as a mentor/coach earlier this year 2014. I found our meetings to be very helpful in getting my start-up off the ground. After our meetings I would feel fully energised and focused on taking the next step in business. Suzanne’s positive & focused outlook helped me to keep on track. The pitching techniques I learned were very useful. Suzanne introduced me to other business owners who had also been through the same procedures, all of whom help me greatly.”
  • “With your kind and gentle non-judgemental approach you steered me to finding a better version of me….one better equipped to deal with the stresses and pain in my life. What I learned by your coaching not only enabled me to get through a very difficult time (and continues to) but has also equipped me with tools and a new outlook that I am 100% certain I will use for the rest of my life…..you are a treasure!   In a world that can foster selfishness and negativity you have shown the beauty of a giving and selfless soul and I am forever in your debt.”
  • “In particular the one on one coaching provided the most significant benefit to me personally and professionally as a leader. The coaching sessions took me through a journey from uncertainty and what felt like a lack of control in my working life to an understanding of what makes me tick and motivates me to achieve, and now a sense of empowerment. Really all of the information and control was in my head, my coach just provided me a way to get it out and understand it.”
    Customer Service Manager
  • “Working with Suzanne was the best decision I have made in my adult life! Even though I was not clear on “what” needed to change – I know I was fed up with repeating the same patterns that were making up my life. Each session was challenging & taught me to grow in ways I did not know were possible. Personal growth can be painful – but I was so beautifully held and supported by Suzanne each & every time. I would recommend her to anyone who wants more out of life – even if you don’t know what that more is – Suzanne will coax it out of you & help you shine in so many ways.”  
    Finance Coordinator
  • As we went through the coaching journey, I learned so much about myself and the strength I have within me. It has taught me that there is so much within me and by developing my strengths and identifying my weaknesses, I can be better in every aspect of my life; personal and working. I would urge anyone to take this journey, its really one of self discovery; and its amazing what you can actually learn about yourself! We are complex creatures! Thanks again to my great coach for my new found strength and confidence. I promise to keep checking in with myself and to continue to ride the beautiful wave that I am now on. ”
    Assessment Manager

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