Workshops (0.5 – 2 days)

Workshops take the learning that much further and deeper. Building on the keynote concepts and principles, Suzanne goes further into her content and leads the participants into their own experience of change.

The workshops can be designed from half a day through to two full days, depending on the business needs, capacity and appetite. It’s safe to say, the longer you go the more change occurs.

All of Suzanne’s workshops have a very clear framework and content base, though as with the keynotes Suzanne will always customise based on the need of the group. In line with the business needs, Suzanne will factor in the participant’s wants and ensure the time they have together is meaningful. Suzanne has found the art of co-designing with the group before they start the workshop creates a very quick level of trust and surety of appropriate content.

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In-depth Leadership Senior Leadership Team Cohesion Series (3-8 days)

This is where we deep dive! What I’m about to share with you changes people. Not only honing leadership sense, this program calls upon leaders to navigate and explore who they are in all parts of their life. Whilst the program is work based, it’s also human based. We simply do not leave our personal self at the professional door or vice versa.

Most leaders or human resources people who engage these programs actually express that they feel relief when finished, relief, because of the high level of cohesion, collaboration and honesty that occurs within the leadership team during their time together. So much emotion and misunderstanding happens in teams who don’t have each other’s backs, and who needs that?

In this series of programs the focus puts the who before the what. Many senior leadership teams are very aware and competent in their strategy (the what) yet do not spend time to set expectations with each other, say what they mean and accept the differences in the team from a humanistic perspective. Since we are emotion and neuro-chemical beings, it’s essential to focus on the who in the team. After all, the who drives the what.


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Available behavioural tools

iWAM (Inventory of Attitudes and Motivation.) This tool is used for deeper work in emotional intelligence promoting further understanding of motivational and attitudinal behaviour to work. This is a very powerful and unique tool for individuals and groups.

Extended DiSC. This tool is used to understand basic behavioural patterns particularly in natural styles verses a perceived need to adjust behaviour in the workplace. This is a good basic tool that helps teams to understand how they are behaving, their internal conflicts and how they can understand others preferences.

Talk to Suzanne about how to engage with her any of these topics.

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